11th FUKUSHIMA Renewable Energy Industrial
Fair (REIF Fukushima 2022)

Exhibitor Guide

Exhibitor Application Overview

Those eligible to be exhibitors

  • Companies and organizations involved in renewable energy and hydrogen related industries
    • Companies aiming to expand sales channels and deals
    • Companies aiming to participate and to develop business in related industries
    • Universities, technical colleges, research institutions and support institutions engaged in related research and development
    • Related manufacturing companies etc.
  • Companies and organizations with technologies, products and services relating to energy saving, resource saving, recycling and other areas of carbon neutrality
  • Organizations, institutions and schools promoting initiatives to tackle global warming

Exhibitor fee

Companies and organizations in Fukushima Prefecture
80,000 yen per booth (including tax)
Companies and organizations from outside Fukushima Prefecture
100,000 yen per booth (including tax)

*We provide one booth free of charge to public institutions (e.g., local governments, support institutions, schools and research institutions) and NPO organizations in Fukushima Prefecture

*In principle, you will exhibit for three days

Exhibiting outdoors

Please contact us separately about exhibiting outdoors.

Exhibitor presentations

We provide the opportunity to present and publicize information on your technologies, products and initiatives in the venue.

October 13 (Thu), 14 (Fri) and 15 (Sat)
20 minutes per presentation slot
*The Secretariat will determine the time upon coordinating and discussing this with you.
In the Multipurpose Exhibition Hall
20,000 yen per presentation slot (including tax)
*We will provide one presentation slot free of charge to public institutions (e.g., local governments, support institutions, schools and R&D institutes) and NPO organizations in Fukushima Prefecture

Number of booths scheduled to be made available


Booth specifications

3 m (frontage) x 2.7 m (depth) = 8.1 m2 
*We will install a partition panel (height: 2.4 m) for booths that are adjacent to each other.

Basic booth facilities

  • Long table (1,800 mm (W) × 600 mm (D) × 700 mm (H)): 1
  • Stackable chairs: 2
    Electrical outlets (100 V / 10 A): 1
  • Company nameplate: 1
    Fluorescent light: 1
    White cloth: 1

*You will be responsible for the decorations other than the basic facilities (e.g., booth decorations, Internet environment and other fixtures).

*The booth specifications are subject to change.

*If you apply for two or more booths, the length of the frontage and depth may change.

Main Application Points

Exhibitor application start date

June 1 (Wed), 2022

Exhibitor application deadline:

July 15 (Fri), 2022

*We may stop accepting applications even before the deadline if we reach the planned number of booths. We may also extend the deadline if we do not reach the planned number of booths.

  • Exhibitor introduction page input deadline: August 5 (Fri)
  • Deadline to confirm absence or presence at the exhibitor briefing: August 12 (Fri)
  • Exhibitor briefing (online): August 26 (Fri)

How to apply

Apply to exhibit here >

After filling in the application form you have downloaded, please send it to the e-mail address below.
After we confirm your information, we will send the person in charge at your company or organization a “Determination Notification” by e-mail.
Application deadline: July 15 (Fri)
Exhibitor information input deadline: August 5 (Fri)
Exhibitor fee payment deadline: August 31 (Wed)

Exhibitor and organization name
(for joint-exhibitors)

If you will participate with one or more other organization, the coordinating organization should please apply as a representative and clearly state the company names that will participate jointly.

How to pay the exhibitor fee

We will send you an invoice in early August. Therefore, please transfer the fee to us by August 31 (Wed). We ask that you pay the transfer fee. We will deem you to have entered into a contract to participate at this event when we have completed issuing you your invoice.

Booth allocation

The Management Office will determine the booth layout according to the contents and business of the exhibitor applications.


In principle, you cannot cancel after your participation has been determined (after we have issued you your invoice). If you cancel your participation, we ask that you pay the full amount of the exhibitor fee as a cancelation charge. We will not provide any refunds.

Cancelation or postponement of the event

We may cancel or postpone this event due to a natural disaster or other force majeure (including measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19). We will not provide compensation for any damages resulting from that. If we decide to cancel before the event starts, we will refund part or all of the exhibitor fee.

Points to Note When Exhibiting

  • We prohibit the subleasing, transfer or exchange or part of all of the exhibitor area.
  • We prohibit the sale of goods or the provision or services that involve payment (on-the-spot-sales).
  • If you wish to use naked flames or to bring dangerous goods (e.g., petroleum) into the venue for the display or demonstration of exhibits, there are restrictions are under the Fire Service Act. Therefore, please speak with the Management Office in advance.
  • If we discover that you are a criminal organization, a criminal organization-related organization or other related party, or other anti-social force, or if we discover that you use such anti-social forces, we may cancel your exhibitor contract without prior notice.
  • The right to take, record and use photographs, video and audio of this event belongs to the organizer. We shall deem that you agree to the provision of your personal information if we deem it necessary to publicize this event.

Schedule to the Exhibition

July 15 (Fri)

Exhibitor application deadline

August 5 (Fri)

Exhibitor introduction page input deadline

August 12 (Fri)

Deadline to submit the form confirming your presence or absence at the exhibitor briefing

August 26 (Fri)

Exhibitor briefing and invitation/poster distribution

August 31 (Wed)

Exhibition fee payment deadline

October 12 (Wed)

Delivery of exhibition goods

October 13 (Thu)
to 15 (Sat)

REIF Fukushima 2022 and

October 15 (Sat)

Removal of exhibition goods

COVID-19 Measures

We will be holding this event upon taking all possible measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Therefore, we ask for your understanding and cooperation to prevent the spread of the disease. In addition, if a COVID-19 state of emergency is declared, we will determine whether to hold this event by August 31 (Wed). We will inform you of our decision on the official website.